Warmest wishes for the Holiday Season!

May the Holidays bring you joy, wonder and happiness for the New Year!

New this Month!

Fantastiques livre volants de Morris Lessmore is a fantastic story and beautifully illustrated book that inspired the short film created by William Joyce.

0 fantastiqu A tale of one boys love of stories and the timelessness of books.





0 leon je sai pa

Leon is shy. With every question his answer is always the same “je-sais-pas”. Everything changes when he meets his new neighbour Salma. Leon comes out of his shell as he sticks up for a new classmate as she too is a little shy on her first day in a new class.




0 amandine galette


Another addition to the ” Collection Grand format” A novel series in a large format, perfect for the transitioning readers.

Amandine loves to help her parents in their family bakery.  She helps bake sweets for the “fête des rois” Complete with a recipe for La Galette des rois.

0 homer

Homer Pudding is a 12 year old boy who dreams of adventure and hidden treasures. Nobody takes him seriously, especially his parents. Homer inherits his uncle Drake’s (an authentic treasure hunter) dog after his disappearance. A mysterious medal hangs from the dogs collar, could this be the key that unlocks the mystery? Grades 7+





What is a city? Where did the first cities appear and why did people group in masses? These are some of the questions answered. This series is illustrated with fascinating photos that help you understand and recognize major cities around the world.

Other titles in the series; La Première guerre mondiale, La Danse, Avions, Les Chevaux, Les Romains.


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0 Avions_ouvrage_large





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“Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

-Christopher Robin – (Winnie the Pooh)