Step 1 – Pick a date – Contact customer service a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your BF date. Scheduling your fair well in advance allows us to supply you with the best selections and most current books specifically suited for your school’s needs.  The Letter to the Parents was created for your convenience. Add your school and BF information to the document and print.

Step 2 – Recruit a volunteer to oversee and be responsible for all incoming monies at the cash table(to be supplied by the school). The BF is cash and carry and all books include GST in the sticker price.

Step 3 – Set up and take down – All BF stock is shipped to the school prior to the BF date. After the book fair, all unsold stock and BF product must be repackaged for pick up or shipping (if outside of the Lower Mainland).


Step 4 – Invoicing – Once the stock has been retrieved and the inventory counted, you will be issued an invoice for all product sold. A 15% discount is deducted from the invoice and remains as library earnings.

Step 5 – Issue one cheque upon receipt of invoice and send payment, net 10 days.